Lick Me All Over Scented Body Oil Fragrance [Red - Clear Glass - Glass Dropper Top]


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> Product/Model ID: 3795

> Category: Fragrances > Oils > Body Oils > Unisex

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> Color: Red

> Bottle Material: Clear Glass

> Style: Glass Dropper Top

> Condition: Brand New

Our Eyes of Horus Collection of Scented Body Oil Fragrances are 100% pure, uncut, and alcohol free.

Lick Me All Over is a scent where the name says it all. It is a passionate, seductive fragrance that speaks to the wild heart in everyone. It is a juicy, delicious scent made of mouth-watering, fruity notes like raspberry, cantaloupe and watermelon combined with floral notes of exotic jasmine and sweet violet. It is a unisex scent that is made for anyone who is untamed and free with a desire to fully experience life and love. Lick Me All Over was designed for a wild and sensual night.

Lick Me All Over has succulent top notes of fresh grapefruit and kumquat. It has floral heart notes of exotic jasmine and soft violet. It has juicy base notes of fresh raspberry, cantaloupe and watermelon.