Michelle Obama: Renaissance For Women Perfume Body Oil Fragrance


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> Exchange: Politics : Awareness > Presidents > Pres. Barack Obama

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Our Eyes of Horus Collection of Scented Body Oil Fragrances are 100% pure, uncut, and alcohol free.

Invigorating citruses, fresh-cut greenery, clean-air notes, succulent pineapple and fresh, green galbanum intertwine with sweet jasmine, aromatic balsams, juicy cherries, the watery nuances of melon, cloves and aromatic spices. Uplifting fresh-air notes, watery notes and the resinous nuances of sweet woods blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fragrant accord. This is a delicate composition of orange blossom and citrus notes drying down to soft and powdery musk. A scent that is light and not overbearing.

Top - Citruses, greenery, ozone, pineapple, galbanum

Middle - Jasmine, balsams, cherry, melon, clove, spices

Bottom - Fresh notes, watery notes, sweet woody notes