Sigma Gamma Rho Poodle Austrian Crystal Stretchy Band Ring [Gold - FlexFit Size]


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> Product/Model ID: 123860

> Category: Jewelry > Rings

> Exchange: Greek > Sorority > Sigma Gamma Rho : SGR

> Processing: Within 1 Week

> Location: Manufacturer

> Color: Gold

> Size: FlexFit Size

> Made Of: Gold Plated Brass

> Condition: Brand New

> Cultural Origin: United States

These New Greek Stretchy Band Rings with Stones are the perfect compliment to our Austrian Crystal Jewelry Line. Each brilliant stone is hand set in to heavy duty brass which is electroplated in gold or silver to last longer. The stretchy bands make these comfortable and easy to wear and there's no need to worry about ring sizes.
This is a 100%, officially licensed product.