Sigma Gamma Rho Silicone MacBook Keyboard Cover [Clear - One Size]


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> Product/Model ID: 33683

> Category: Accessories > Laptop : Notebook Accessories

> Exchange: Greek > Sorority > Sigma Gamma Rho : SGR

> Processing: Within 1 Week

> Location: Manufacturer

> Color: Clear

> Size: One Size

> Made Of: Plastic

> Condition: Brand New

> Cultural Origin: United States

Clarity is Key
- Our keypad cover gives you the protection needed by providing a clear view of the keypad characters and arrows.

Comfort & Fit
- Calibrated specifically for the latest MacBook Pro/Air keypads, this keypad cover precisely protects each key for a soft, effortless typing experience.

Clearly Cool
- This translucent keypad cover adds a cool, low-profile layer of style and design to your computer.

Air Thin
- This keypad cover is precision-made for the MacBook Pro/Air. This washable cover provides an ultra-responsive feel for a lighter typing experience.