Wild Berry Dragons Blood Incense Cones [Black - One Size - 100 Cones Per Bag]

Wild Berry

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> Category: Fragrances > Incense > Cones

> Exchange: Fragrances > Wild Berry

> Processing: Within 4 Days

> Location: Warehouse

> Color: Black

> Size: One Size

> Made Of: Charcoal

> Pre-Pack: 100 Cones Per Bag

> Condition: Brand New

> Made In: U.S.A.

Dragon's Blood, an ancient fragrance made from a reddish plant resin, is said to have cleansing, protective and healing properties. It is a resinous, heady and slightly sweet fragrance that is popular for use in ritual and magic. We can't say enough about how wonderful and fast-selling Dragon's Blood is!
This is a bag of about 100 incense cones made by the famous Wildberry brand.