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The Cultural Exchange Shop offers apparel, gifts, and many other unique and high quality products from multiple styles and cultures from all over the world, together in one place.

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Monday - Friday | 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
* Closed on weekends and holidays *

Our Mission

It is the belief of The Cultural Exchange Shop that we were created from a single soul, and when we serve humanity, we like to think of ourselves as serving that single soul. We recognize individual uniqueness, but this does not undermine our position on the unity of the human soul. We encourage the unique to perfect their own uniqueness, and openly invite others to the best of their uniqueness.

Accordingly, we strive to do what we encourage others to do. As a business organization, we are unique and strive to perfect our uniqueness. When we talk of uniqueness, we talk of uniqueness in national, linguistic, and cultural heritage. We also speak of genetic uniqueness—such as hair and skin type. We feel that knowledge of national, linguistic, and cultural heritage should not be by, for, and of the so-called elite, and I say so-called elite because eliteness should not be a function of the possessions one selfishly keeps from the public but one’s actions in the best interest of the public. At last, we say that in the ‘illusion’ of mainstream culture, there are unique subcultures—the knowledge of which should be made open to the public for the purpose of one truthfully knowing more about oneself and truthfully knowing more about each other.

From the Owner of The Cultural Exchange Shop