Barack Obama: Renegade - Type For Men Cologne Body Oil Fragrance


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Our Eyes of Horus Collection of Scented Body Oil Fragrances are pure essential fragrance oils.

Barack Obama: Renegade is a scent inspired by the spirit and charisma of the 44th President of the United States. Designed for the confident man who strives to make a positive impact, this fragrance is perfect for someone who seeks a distinctive and fresh scent to accompany their unique journey.

What are the notes?

Top notes: Lavender and Orange Blossoms.
Heart notes: Orris and Patchouli.
Base notes: Rich leather and Vanilla

Who is it for?

It's for the gentleman who values a clean, invigorating fragrance that sets him apart and reflects his drive for excellence and change.

When do I wear it?

This versatile fragrance is suited for everyday wear, bringing a signature freshness that's hard to ignore. It's equally fitting for those special moments when making a memorable impression is as vital as the air you breathe.

NOTICE: This product is not manufactured or distributed by the original creator of this fragrance.