Innovative Ideas Flag It North Carolina State Flag Self Adhesive Vinyl Decal [Red/White/Blue]

Innovative Ideas

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> Product/Model ID: 8189

> Category: Accessories > Auto Accessories > Stickers : Decals

> Exchange: Locations > States > North Carolina (NC)

> Processing: Within 1 Week

> Location: Warehouse

> Color: Red/White/Blue

> Size: 3.25" x 4.75"

> Made Of: Vinyl

> Pre-Pack: Pack of 18

> Condition: Brand New

> Made In: U.S.A.

> Cultural Origin: United States

> Product Information:

"Flag-It" brand Decals are the cutting edge in stickers. They are screen printed with a double pass of inks for quality, printed on thick mil vinyl stock and laminated with high gloss UV coated laminate and water proof. Great for cars, trucks, vans, RV's boats, travel trailers, motor homes or any use you want a sticker for. Made in the USA.