Wild Berry Cherry Vanilla Backflow Incense Cones [Black]

Wild Berry

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> Product/Model ID: 12561

> Category: Fragrances > Incense > Cones

> Exchange: Fragrances > Wild Berry

> Processing: Within 4 Days

> Location: Warehouse

> Color: Black

> Size: One Size

> Made Of: Charcoal

> Pre-Pack: 25 Cones Per Pack

> Condition: Brand New

> Made In: U.S.A.

> Product Information:

Backflow cones have a hollow tunnel in the middle. Use a special backflow incense burner with these, and the smoke will pour out through the bottom and down the burner like a waterfall.The delicious fragrances of cherry and vanilla are a classic combination!This is a bag of 25 backflow cones made by the famous Wildberry brand.